How to do sublimation printing

Sublimation is basically a process of directly converting or transferring a solid state into a gaseous form without passing through the liquid phase. If you are a science student, then you are already familiar with this technique. Here, we will discuss how to do sublimation printing in detail.
This method is truly beneficial in practical life to transferring incredible designs into fabrics and many other materials. Sublimation printing is widely used all over the world to transfer the images from sublimation papers to other PVC, Polyester, Polymer, and Ceramic materials. Due to its amazing applications, the demand for quality sublimation printers is increasing rapidly.

What is sublimation printing?

In sublimation printing, first of all, one needs to design a print or specific image that he wants to transfer into the desired material. Then transfer this into the sublimation paper while using a recommended sublimation ink. Lastly, this sublimated print is moved to the final material via a heat press.

Why sublimation printing is better than other techniques?

There are a number of ways to transfer a designed print onto the other surface. Apart from sublimation printing most famous methods are screen printing and garment printing. However, these methods are also acceptable but no one can beat sublimation printing in simplicity, quality, and low cost.
As compared to sublimation printing screen printing is a very slow and time taking method. Apart from that, it required a large space with proper ventilation to dry the prints, and also needs multiple screens. That’s why it is a relatively expensive and time taking method.

Sublimation printing vs screen printing, difference between sublimation and screen printing

Similarly, the garment printer not only occupies a large storage area but is also expensive to buy. Furthermore, its running cost is also very high and not affordable for everyone. Therefore, sublimation printing is highly recommended and the demand for the best cheap sublimation printer increasing day by day.

Sublimation printing vs Garment printing, Difference between sublimation printing and garment printing

How to do sublimation printing? Step by step Guide:

Here we will discuss the method of sublimation printing in detail.

Design print or image:

Firstly, you need to design a print or image on the desktop or laptop that you want to transfer onto the desired surface. You can use any software to design the print. Try to design a high-resolution image that keeps their pixels.

Design print for sublimation, Sublimation print design

Transfer print into sublimation paper:

Then the next step is to transfer the designed image to the sublimation paper. In this step, a liquid form of recommended ink is used to move the specific printed image or design to the sublimation paper.

Transfer print into sublimation paper, print on sublimation paper

Move print into the desired surface:

After transferring the design into the sublimation printer next move this into the final surface. For this, the dry ink on the sublimation paper is directly converted into a gaseous form by a heat press. In this way, the designed image is placed on the desired surface.

Transfer sublimation paper onto mug, Transfer paper print onto mug

How to do sublimation printing on t-shirts?

After going through the above procedure of sublimation printing. Surely, you will be able to learn about sublimation printing. Now, it’s not a big task to learn, how to sublimate to dark and other shirts.
First of all, you have to repeat the first two steps of the above procedure carefully. After creating an attractive design via software and then transferring this design to the sublimation paper. Now it’s time to place this print into the t-shirt.

Sublimation printing on T-shirts, Printing on shirts, How to do printing on t-shirts

Before placing the printed paper design onto the shirt you have to prepare the shirt for this action.

  • Firstly, make the surface of the shirt flat where you want to put this printed design. For this purpose, you can use the iron or a heat press to make sure there is no fold or wrinkle on the specific part of the shirt. In the case of any pucker, there will be smudges in your print.
  • Another important thing to be considered is the flatness and cleanliness of the press. Before using on a shirt ensure the press surface is flat and free of rust and dust. The uneven or contaminated surfaces will destroy the design badly.
  • Furthermore, one should have a lint roller with him and use it to remove any lint or fluff on the shirt just before putting the design. Otherwise, it will create smudges on a particular surface.
  • One final thing to keep in mind is to secure the other side of the shirt if you don’t want to take a similar print on that side. Just place any thick paper or hardboard in such a way the design will not pass through the other side of the shirt.

That’s how you can take perfect design on the shirt via sublimation printing. Apart from sublimation on shirts or fabrics, we can do acrylic sublimation, aluminum sublimation, and ceramic sublimation as well.

What is the best shirt for sublimation?

The answer to this question is very simple, the best sublimation shirt for sublimation is a 100% polyester shirt. A completely polyester shirt is highly recommended for sublimation printing. However, up to some extent, blended shirts having at least 65 to 70% polyester along with 30 to 35% cotton can be used for sublimation.
But, such kinds of blended shirts do not create quality prints. Furthermore, the printing on mixed material shirts will not long last. The 100% cotton shirts can not be used for sublimation printing at all. Additionally, polyester shirts are cheaper than cotton fabrics shirts.

Final Verdict:

After going through this review, you are surely able to learn how to do sublimation printing? Although, there are plenty of ways to transfer desired printed design to various materials like fabrics, mugs, shirts, and some other materials. But no one can beat sublimation printing in simplicity, and in price. Moreover, sublimation printers occupy less space than other transferring machines like screen printers, garment printers, etc. Apart from that sublimation printing saves a lot of time as well. Therefore, sublimation printing is best for home, office, and starting a small business.

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