How to Make Sublimation Brighter

In today’s era, sublimation printing is becoming the most popular method to design mugs, shirts, fabric, aluminum material, etc. Although sublimation printing is an easy and affordable way to take print on various materials. However, people are often complaining about dull sublimation. Therefore, it is a commonly asked question, “how to make sublimation brighter”.
Before answering the question of “how to make sublimation transfers brighter” we need to find the reasons for dull sublimation prints. Several factors ruin the sublimated print quality. First, we briefly discuss some major issues behind dark color prints. Then thoroughly explain, what things that need for bright sublimation prints. You can find here the acrylic sublimation printing in detail.

Why are sublimation prints dark?

Many things make sublimated prints mute. One main reason behind the faded print color is the incorrect temperature and time setting. Just ensure the correct temperature and time for a particular material. Secondly, dull prints are created mainly due to inaccurate color selection.
The other major factor is resolution, choose the image resolution carefully before taking print. Asides from that, printing stuff like sublimation paper, ink, sublimation printer, or heat transfer machine may cause darkness. So, you need to fix all the above issues if you are looking for how to make sublimation last longer.

How to make sublimation Brighter:

Making sublimation print brighter is as challenging as its essential. However, do some basics right to produce a vibrant print. If you continuously fail to find the perfect bright print on your desired surface. Don’t panic tick the points mentioned below. Indeed, you will be able to get your expected output.
It does not matter whether you are looking for how to make sublimation brighter on mugs or how to make sublimation brighter on tumblers. This guide will help you to get phenomenal results on all surfaces.

Quality Sublimation Printer:

First of all, it is vital to have a high-quality sublimation printer. You can go here to find top brand inexpensive sublimation printers. Any local or low-quality sublimation printer is not good enough to produce a vivid and glowing print.
While purchasing a sublimation printer, ensure it is equipped with ink cartridges or tanks that can support multiple vibrant inks. Asides from wasting money on cheap local printers must go for Epson, Canon, or Sawgrass sublimation printers.

Fine Sublimation Paper:

Sublimation paper is another important thing that plays a vital role in sublimation printing. Sometimes, you create a perfect glowing design with good color composition. But, when you print it out on paper, it looks very odd and dull, the reason behind this is low-quality sublimation paper.
So, wisely select the sublimation paper that avoids the ink spreading on the sublimation paper.

Sublimation Ink:

It is better to use ink of your printer brand, i.e if you are using an Epson sublimation printer then you should have Epson sublimation ink. Why other inks are not good? Every sublimation printer works on specific heat and pressures that suit to recommended ink.
Therefore, local inks can not produce a vibrant print as you expected. In a few cases, the final prints are more sparkling as desired.

Right Color Selection:

If you are thinking about how to make printer colors brighter then the right color selection is key. If you want to transfer print on dark-colored fabric or material, then ensure your design should include bright colors, otherwise, it looks dark. Furthermore, the color combination of your design will be sensible. Try to use bright colors than fade while designing.

Color Adjustment:

Asides from the right color selection, the color’s hue, contrast, brightness, and intensity are also vital for making sublimation bright. Every design demand different color adjustments. Keep in mind you can achieve this by the hit and trial method.
It is not essential you always need to play with all those parameters like hue, brightness, contrast, etc. In some cases, you can achieve desired results by only changing hue. Similarly, sometimes only light intensity will be enough to produce a bright print. So, do not be stuck on the same procedure always try different things to get better and better outputs.
After experiments, surely you will be a master in how to fix sublimation colors. Note down it is the most important step in sublimation brightness. While taking the print, make sure the image resolution is around 300 dpi. According to my experience resolution of 300 dpi. According to my experience resolution of 300 dpi is just perfect to make sublimation bright.

Temperature and Time:

After taking a vibrant colorful image on the sublimation paper. Now, it’s time to transfer this sublimated print to the desired surface. This step usually involves a heat transfer machine, and it’s vital to adjust its temperature. However, the required time and temperature change according to the printed fabric or material. But the temperature, between 380 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 sec is good to transfer print.
Overheat may burn the colors of your design. On the other hand, low temperature or less heating time may cause ink spread. So, follow the manual for specific surfaces and adjust time and temperature accordingly.
After going through all the above steps, you have the answer to the question, How to make sublimation bright.


If you are using a top-notch sublimation printer, quality sublimation paper, ink, and perfect color adjustment as well, but can not make sublimation bright. Then the reason behind the dark sublimation print is incorrect temperature, pressure, and time. Review this step and set all these parameters according to the material where you want to transfer your design.

It is highly recommended to use light color fabrics like white, pink, sky, or light green for sublimation printing. However, you can use some dark colors if your designs are so bright. In short, the contrast between surface and design is better to get bright sublimation.

Bottom Line:

If your sublimations are usually faded or dark, don’t be afraid. Commonly, sublimation ink does not produce as bright prints as its looks on the actual design. The question is how to make sublimation bright? It is simple, just set the pressure, temperature, and time perfectly.
Apart from that, choose the correct substrate and color combination. Make the color as bright as possible while adjusting the hue, brightness, contrast, etc. Asides, use a quality sublimation printer, paper, and ink. After following all these instructions, hopefully, you will be able to make your sublimation vivid.

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