How to Make Sublimation Brighter

how to make sublimation brighter

In today’s era, sublimation printing is becoming the most popular method to design mugs, shirts, fabric, aluminum material, etc. Although sublimation printing is an easy and affordable way to take print on various materials. However, people are often complaining about dull sublimation. Therefore, it is a commonly asked question, “how to make sublimation brighter”.Before answering … Read more

Sublimation Vs Screen Printing

sublimation vs screen printing, sublimation printing, screen printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques to print different surfaces. After the revolution in technology, the concept of sublimation printing comes. But still screen printing is considered one of the acceptable printing methods. However, in comparison of sublimation vs screen printing, people often ask which technique is best?Both have their own pros … Read more

Can You Sublimate on Acrylic

Can you sublimate on acrylic, sublimation on acrylic, acrylic sublimation

The demand for small businesses like sublimation is dramatically increased because of inflation. That’s why people often ask about sublimation printing businesses and want to know which materials we can sublimate?Here we are answering the most commonly asked question. Can you sublimate on acrylic? Yes, acrylic is one of the best substrates for sublimation. Most … Read more

How to do sublimation printing

How to do sublimation printing, How to do sublimation, Sublimation printing process

Sublimation is basically a process of directly converting or transferring a solid state into a gaseous form without passing through the liquid phase. If you are a science student, then you are already familiar with this technique. Here, we will discuss how to do sublimation printing in detail.This method is truly beneficial in practical life … Read more