Best Sublimation Ink 2023- Reviews And Buying Guide

Sublimation ink is one of the main factors that describe the printing quality. It’s very simple to find the sublimation ink. But, it is hard to find the best sublimation ink that produces bright vibrant colors.

The first thing you need to keep in mind before purchasing sublimation ink is the printer. Every ink is not good for all sublimation printers, so make sure ink is made for the specific printer. Some local brands’ inks cause problems while transferring in a heat press. Asides, a few sublimation inks are not sticking properly or becoming fade quickly. Therefore, it’s a tough job to pick the right sublimation ink, but we have done all the hard work for you.

After using a number of sublimation inks from various high-quality brands. We compose this list of the best ink for sublimation. All the sublimation inks here are vibrant, vivid, and economical. So, just pick the best one according to your sublimation printer and enjoy the ultimate printing experience.

1: Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

If you are looking for the most versatile ink that will be used for clothing, pillows, mugs, watches, hats, cup and mouse mats, etc. then Xcinkjet sublimation ink is for you. This quality sublimation ink produces vibrant prints on all surfaces without clogging.

It will give more textured prints with no color distortion. This quality sublimation ink can be used for Epson WorkForce, Epson EcoTank, and Expression series. I used this ink for Epson WorkForce WF-4730 and EcoTank 15000. My experience with this sublimation ink was exceptional, that’s why I added this to the list.

This best ink for sublimation printing comes in a package that includes 1 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, and 1 Yellow ink bottle, each ink bottle contains 100 ml of ink. The clear and clean Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink is entirely non-toxic and non-gas.

This environment-friendly sublimation ink is just phenomenal at a reasonable price. In case of dissatisfaction, you can return or exchange this ink.

Key Features

  • Usable for multiple printers,
  • Environment-friendly,
  • Four color bottles,
  • Wide range of applications,
  • Easy to Refill.

2: Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

Here is another outclass ink from one of the most promising brands Hiipoo. This water-based dye sublimation ink is famous for its smoothness and vividness. If you are using a quality Epson Sublimation Printer, then try this best sublimation ink to get bright prints.

This versatile hiipoo sublimation ink is compatible with many printers like Stylus C88 C88+, EcoTank ET2650, ET-2760, ET2720, ET3760, ET4700, ET4760, ET2750, ET2800, Workforce WF3620, WF3640, WF7610, WF7710, WF7720 printer, etc. It will produce equally bright prints for all the above sublimation printers. However, it’s better to use hiipoo sublimation paper with this sublimation ink.

Furthermore, it has wide printing applications such as t-shirts, pillows, mug cups, cross-stitch, shoe, cap, ceramics, banners, tumblers, socks, canvas, puzzles, hoodies, wood, etc. The high-saturation, waterproof, fast drying, and zero fading features make this sublimation ink superior to others.

Most users love this ink because of its brightness, and anti-clogging technology. This sublimation ink is also available in four colors black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Most importantly, this product is certified by ISO-9001 and MSDS. Moreover, each package is tested thoroughly before delivery. Therefore, don’t bother about the product quality.

Key Features

  • Waterproof,
  • Fast drying,
  • Anti-clogging technology,
  • Bright and vivid colors,
  • Wide applications,
  • High saturation.

3: Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

Now we are down to Printer Jack, it is an absolute gem in the world of sublimation ink. Indeed, no list of best sublimation ink can complete without Printers Jack. Without any debate, this is the quality sublimation ink for an inkjet printer.

This top-notch sublimation ink is 100% waterproof and clog-free. That’s why it gives high saturation, bright, and smooth prints on all compatible printing surfaces. Moreover, its transfer printing rate is extraordinary and prints more pages than the same quantity of normal inks.

The easy installation and refill process makes it more reliable. It is usable for many Epon, Sawgrass, and Canon sublimation printers. The Printers Jack Sublimation Ink is suitable for T-shirts, cloths, mug cups, cross-stitch, shoe, cap, ceramics, decorative cloth, flags, banners, etc.

The bright prints of these sublimation inks will last long on the surface without losing quality. Unlike others, these prints will not fade or dark with time. Keep in mind, that this ISO-9001 certified ink is not for cotton. Personally, I recommend this economical ink for both home and commercial use.

Key Features

  • Waterproof,
  • Easy installation,
  • Compatible with multiple printers,
  • Sublime printing,
  • Bright colors,
  • ISO-9001 certified.

4: Seogol Sublimation Ink

Seogol always brings advanced sublimation products to the market, Seogol Sublimation Ink is the perfect example of them. This top-notch sublimation ink comes with the latest three-layer filtering technology. The use of modern technology made this product more vivid and smooth.

Furthermore, this fine sublimation ink provides a realistic filtering effect and long-lasting retention time. This clogging-free Seogol sublimation ink is compatible with almost all Epson sublimation printers. The vivid, vibrant, and smooth texture describe how good is this sublimation ink.

Moreover, this exceptional sublimation ink has a wide range of applications. It is usable for T-shirts, cloths, pillowcases, mug cups, quilts, shoes, caps, ceramics, boxes, flags, banners, etc. I am very impressed by the quality of this exceptional sublimation ink.

It also provides a free ICC profile where you can get detailed information about this product. Most importantly, this best sublimation ink goes through the test before ready for delivery. The brand makes sure whether this product is efficient for quality printing or not.

Key Features

  • Sublime quality,
  • Good retention time,
  • Vast Applications,
  • ICC profile available,
  • Three-layer filtering technology.

5: WOKOK Sublimation Ink

If you are in search of the best dye sublimation ink, then WOKOK Sublimation Ink is the right option for you. This quality sublimation ink is designed specifically for the EcoTank series. So, this best sublimation ink for the eco tank is not recommended for the workforce or other printers. However, it is perfect for all the EcoTank sublimation printers.

It comes with anti-UV technology that makes the print brighter and more natural. Moreover, it uses a three-micron filter to avoid clogging. As a result, this fine sublimation ink produces vibrant and bright high-resolution images. According to my experience, no dye sublimation ink can beat WOKOK Sublimation Ink in stability and vividness.

Another great thing about this top sublimation ink is the refill method. There is a unique refilling nozzle instead of a syringe for refilling that makes refilling simple and efficient.

Asides from quality prints, this good sublimation ink has a wide range of applications. It is usable for printing T-shirts, cloths, pillowcases, mug cups, quilts, cross-stitch, cap, ceramics, boxes, decorative cloths, flags, etc. Moreover, it can be used on polyester as well.

But before using any fabrics ensure they contain less than 30% cotton. This strictly tested sublimation ink is incredible in performance and will never disappoint you at all. It is perfect for beginner’s sublimation printers.

Key Features

  • Best for EcoTank printers,
  • Simple refill,
  • Produce natural prints,
  • Anti-UV and anti-clogging,
  • ISO-9001 and MSDS Certified.

6: E-Z Ink Autofill Sublimation Ink

No list of the best sublimation ink can complete without the E-Z Ink brand. E-Z Ink always brings some outstanding products for their customers, and E-Z Ink Autofill Sublimation Ink is one of them. As its name suggests, refilling is very simple with this sublimation ink makes it superior to many others.

The use of three-layered filtered ink technology avoids clogging and increases retention time. This eco-friendly ink produces bright, vibrant, and smooth prints on all printing surfaces. The colors of this quality sublimation ink are not fade quickly.

Furthermore, the heat transfer printing rate of this Autofill Sublimation Ink is also amazing. All the above features reflect how good is this sublimation ink. Talking about compatibility, this sublime ink is specially designed for EcoTank printer nozzles. However, it is equally useful for the WorkForce series, and other brands as well.

You can use this brilliant sublimation ink for T-shirts, cloths, mug cups, cross-stitch, caps, ceramics, boxes, bags, decorative clothes, flags, banners, shoes, quilts, etc. This versatile ink provides high stability and reliability to the prints. I love this product because of its simple refill and fine printing quality.

Key Features

  • Versatile Compatibility,
  • Bright and colorful prints,
  • Eco-friendly,
  • Autofill,
  • Wide applications,
  • Long-lasting retention.

7: Tonha Sublimation Ink

Tonha Sublimation Ink is the most exciting product on our list that ticks all the essential features one looking for in sublimation ink. Personally, I love this best ink for sublimation printing because of its remarkable printing.

This four-color environment-friendly sublimation printer ink is spread evenly on the printing surface to produce vibrant prints. Moreover, this premium ink from Tonha provides the same quality prints on all printing surfaces. However, one should be an expert to select the right temperature for different surfaces during heat transfer, otherwise, you may lose the printing color’s quality.

This high-performing sublimation ink is compatible for Stylus C88 C88+ EcoTank ET-2650, ET-2700, ET-2719, ET-2720, ET-2750, ET-2759, ET-2760, ET-2800, ET-2803, ET-2850, ET-3700, ET-16600, ET-16650, L3110, L3115, WorkForce WF3620, WF3640, WF7620, WF3540, WF3520, WF7010, WF7720 & other sublimation printers.
This easy refill ink kit is waterproof, water resistant, and does not fade quickly. If you are searching for a Christmas, Easter, Birthday, or Mothers Day gift this is perfect for you.

Besides, this top-class sublimation ink has a wide range of applications. This heat transfer sublimation ink is suitable for banners, ceramics, bags, boxes, caps, shoes, t-shirts, clothes, flags, quilts, etc. Most importantly, there is no ICC correction required to use this ink.

Key Features

  • Bright colors,
  • Four colors pack,
  • Waterproof,
  • Wide applications and compatibility,
  • Value for money,
  • ICC free-printing,

8: Koala Sublimation Ink

Last but not least on our list is Koala Sublimation Ink that becoming popular quickly. This premium ink will not fade or dark after so many washes. After a wonderful printing experience with the Koala Sublimation Ink, I decided to add this to the list of best sublimation ink.

One thing about this quality product is efficiency, it always produces bright prints on all surfaces. Additionally, its heat transfer rate is incredible which gives an ultimate feel to the user.

Another good thing is compatibility and reliability. This ink will produce sharp and vivid prints for every sublimation printer. It comes with four ink bottles cyan, black, magenta, and yellow, each containing 100ml ink. Most importantly, it is usable for both ink cartridges, and continuous ink systems.

Anti-UV formulated Koala Sublimation Ink provides great stability with long-lasting, waterproof, and anti-scratch color transfers. It is suitable for mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, pillows, hats, mats, caps, phone cases, ceramics, flags, and more.

Smooth printing with zero clogging is the main feature of this sublimation ink. Rather than wasting money on local products, just buy this valuable ink for outstanding prints.

Key Features

  • Anti-UV,
  • Anti-clogging and anti-scratch,
  • Smooth printing,
  • Bright colors,
  • No fading,
  • Waterproof,
  • Long-lasting.

Best Sublimation Ink Buying Guide:

Low-quality ink would damage your expensive printer because of its poor quality. Moreover, you can not get fine textured prints with mediocre sublimation inks. So, before taking prints on any surface, It’s essential to have the best sublimation ink.

Here we will discuss some key features that describe how good is sublimation ink. Therefore, read this carefully before purchasing a sublimation printer.


The first and foremost thing you need to consider before buying a sublimation ink is compatibility. Every ink is not versatile and usable for all sublimation printers, so it is better to check before buying whether this ink is compatible with your printer or not. Otherwise, you can not get quality prints.

Some inks are designed for specific types of printers e.g some inks are specifically designed for EcoTank Printers. Try to find the one which is designed for your sublimation printer. Surely, it will produce more vibrant, colorful, and long-lasting prints.


Clogging is very common in sublimation inks and many users complain about this issue. It will break your work momentum and creates frustration in your mind. So, It is essential to buy a sublimation ink that comes with anti-clogging.

Printing Colors and Quality:

Before buying a sublimation ink ensures the colors of ink are relevant to your printer’s supported colors. If your printer is unable to do printing with colors that include your sublimation ink, then your final prints will not be the same as you expected.

Asides, choose the colors wisely that can create unique and vibrant prints on the desired surface without losing their original shade. It will boost your business dramatically.


Some inks produce bright and vivid prints that look simply gorgeous. However, after a few washes or a little period of time these prints becoming fade. Although little fading is natural with all sublimation inks. But some sublimation inks just start losing their original print colors quickly and the sublimated surface looks awkward.

This problem is mainly with local sublimation inks. So, to avoid this always go with the top ink brands.


Before buying a sublimation ink just check the gradients of the product. Some poor-quality ink brands use toxic chemicals to achieve bright prints. Such kinds of inks are harmful to the environment. So, carefully select the sublimation ink that will not contaminate the environment.


Are all Sublimation Ink the same?

No, all the sublimation inks are not the same in quality. Some of them are top-notch and produce bright color prints while others are just ordinary. Another thing that differentiates inks is compatibility, not all sublimation inks are compatible with every printer.

Can you use any sublimation ink in an Epson Printer?

Yes, almost all the sublimation inks are usable for Epson sublimation printers. However, some printers required ink cartridges to use ink for printing. Some sublimation inks are only designed for EcoTank printers. So, keep in mind your printer specifications before buying a sublimation ink.

Can I mix Sublimation Ink brands?

Although mixing sublimation ink brands is not a good practice and it will result in low-quality prints. However, if you want to do it, clean your ink cartridges thoroughly before mixing ink brands. But some specific printers are designed for their own brand inks and mixing will not work properly.

Is Hiipoo good sublimation ink?

Yes, Hiipoo is a top-class brand that always introduces unique products to its customers. Hiipoo Sublimation ink is just exceptional and produces bright and colorful prints on all printing surfaces.

Bottom Line:

We composed this list of the best sublimation ink after using a number of sublimation inks from various brands. While working with any sublimation ink, we closely analyze its printing quality, heat transfer rate, and retention time.

Most importantly, we also focused on the product’s price as well. Therefore, all the sublimation inks in our list are top-notch. But if you are still confused about the best sublimation ink after going through this review. Below mentioned inks are simply exceptional and highly recommended.

  • Printers Jack Sublimation Ink
  • Hiipoo Sublimation Ink
  • Inkxpro Sublimation Ink

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